With over 30 years of continuous research and development, The Genuine Elliotts Filtration Iron Removal System is the standout leader in the industry, with over 500 operational systems testaments to its success.

Filtration Services

Elliotts Filtration specialises in Bore Water Iron Filtration Systems.

These filtration systems are unique to Western Australia having been specifically designed by Elliotts to handle the high soluble iron concentrations found in the WA groundwater.

Commercial Filtration

Elliotts Filtration has installed numerous commercial filtration systems, not only for the private sector but also for local and state government bodies. These systems enhance the beauty of the state’s parks and gardens and extend the life of the irrigation systems themselves.

Domestic Filtration

Elliotts Filtration’s domestic systems can be used in areas with no scheme water supply, allowing for potable water for tank fills and irrigation purposes.

Agricultural Filtration

Our Iron filters are used extensively in the agriculture industry. The quality of the filtered bore water helps to improve the production, profitability and efficiency of the farms that these have been installed on.

About Elliotts Filtration

The Genuine Elliotts Filtration System has a history that spans 30 years and has grown from a single entity into a thriving Company.  Through hard work, dedication, research and development by the Filtration Manager Mark Pipes, the Elliotts Iron filtration system is the standout leader in the industry with over 500 operational systems testaments to its success.

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Why Elliotts Filtration

Filtration Systems

The concentration of soluble iron in land and water in West Australia can range from 0 to more than 50 parts per million (ppm), rendering conventional iron filtration systems inadequate. Consequently, a specialized West Australian Iron Filtration System was developed to address the region's distinct characteristics. Elliotts filtration systems are tailored to the specific site requirements. Manufactured at the Filtration division warehouse in Greenwood, WA, each system is uniquely designed.

Maintenance Services

To ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness of these specialized systems, it is advisable to engage Elliotts Filtration's trained technicians to handle maintenance tasks. Other companies lack the requisite expertise to repair or maintain these systems, given their unique design and operational features. By entrusting the upkeep of each system to Elliotts Filtration's skilled personnel, the efficient operation, and high-quality water output can be sustained.

Instant Results

Over time, there has been a growing demand for the systems to enhance the visual appeal of buildings, walkways, and outdoor spaces. Clients have experienced immediate improvements by utilizing the Elliotts Filtration Iron Filtration System. We take pride in our system's distinctive design and customized production, which cater to specific filtration plans and long-term goals. Whether a new system is being installed or an existing one needs to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced, each system is tailor-made to meet our clients' requirements.

Environmentally Focused

The ongoing development of Elliotts Irrigation and Iron Filtration systems has a positive impact on sustainability and best practices. The progress made with the Elliotts Iron Filtration system has resulted in significant environmental improvements. Moreover, the system's ability to help councils in Perth save costs on call-out and irrigation maintenance is a testament to the efficacy of the clean water research undertaken by Mark Pipes.

WA Owned & Operated

Our headquarters have been located in Canham Way, Greenwood since our inception, and we have been privileged to expand our operations within the same locality over time. As a West Australian company, we take pride in contributing to the growth and development of our state. We remain committed to building and sustaining strong partnerships, prioritizing each client's specific needs and requirements in this region.

Filtration Services

Our company's defining characteristic is the exceptional service we provide. At the heart of our values is a deep commitment to knowledge, diligence, and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied. With over $1 million dollars of parts and products stocked in our warehouses, we can provide immediate access to any necessary repairs. Our clients can rely on Elliotts Filtration to keep their systems running efficiently, without any impactful downtime.

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